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Jerusalem is a city of contrasts, it knows war and peace, victories and defeats, love and hate, riches and poverty, joy and pain of people. Nowadays millions of people are coming in here with hope and faith. Jerusalem is a city of faith, city of revelation, built by the Creator.

Three major monotheistic religions treat Jerusalem as a holy city. For Christians it’s really important city because in there Jesus preached, died and was resurrected. Arabs are calling the city Al-Quds, what means ”The Holy One” For Jewish it is The City of David.

Jerusalem is 50km from Tel Aviv and it takes special place for Israel and Palestine. First city walls of this incredible place, were built at the VIII century BC. For a thousands of years it was a historical and cultural centre. There are many religious monuments. In XVI century AD, for an order of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent, a wall around the mosque complex was built. This wall separates the old city of Jerusalem from other areas.

Population of Jerusalem is splitted for two big groups, first one and the biggest are Jewish. The second group are Muslims and Christians. Pilgrims from all three religions are coming to this city, to feel an incredible atmosphere and to see by themselves relics worshiped for ages.

Very important place for Jews and Muslims is the Dome of the Rock, located on the Temple Mount. As the legend says Prophet Muhammad ascended into heaven from the place where the temple was built. According to Jewish belief the creation of the world began here and in front of the mosque was the Second Temple, thats why this place is also important for Jewish. Near to this place Arabs built another mosque, which become famous Al-Aqsa.

In Christian district of Jerusalem are the most important holy sites for Christians – Golgotha and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Pilgrims can walk the whole path from the place where Jesus had the trail to place where he was crucified.

On the slope of the Mount of Olives located is the Church Pater Noster. According to legend in there Jesus taught the disciples The Lord’s Prayer. The walls of the temple are decorated with ceramic plates, on which are written the words of famous prayer in many languages.

In southeast part of the city there is a big square and behind it located is the most important temple of Judaism – The Western Wall. This Wall is the only remains of the Second Temple, which was destroyed by Romans. The other name of this place is Wailing Wall because in here Jewish are crying after destruction of the Temple. In a cracks in the wall they put prayer notes and they are not allowed to turn around. During this ritual believers are reading the Holy Bible and they are kissing the stones of the Western Wall.

Orthodox Jews can be recognized by hats and black suits. Jewish woman always should be properly covered and wear modest clothing. By Wailing Wall woman have separated place to pray, they can’t pray together with man.

The territory connecting Judaism, Islam and Christianity is the Mount of Zion. In there is the Tomb of King David, which is respected by all three religions. On this mountain there is also Church of the Dormition where the Virgin Mary died (”fell asleep”).


  • Transfer from hotel to the airport;
  • Departure from Antalya;
  • Arrival to Ben Gurion airport, meeting with guides in waiting room;
  • Bethlehem – city where Jesus Christ was born;
  • Lunch break (beverages excluded);
  • Visit in center of Christian collectibles;
  • Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem (built where Jesus was born);
  • Walk around Old Jerusalem;
  • The Way of the Cross (‘Via Dolorosa’)
  • Calvary (Golgotha) place where Jesus was crucified;
  • Visit at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (Church of the Resurrection);
  • Stone of the Anointing (spot where Jesus body was prepared for burial);
  • Panorama of The Temple Mount;
  • ”Wailing Wall”;
  • Transfer to Dead Sea;
  • Swimming on separate beach;
  • Dinner (beverages excluded);
  • Visit in a shop with Dead Sea products;
  • Transfer to the Ben Gurion airport;
  • Departure from Tel Aviv;
  • Arrival to Antalya;
  • Transfer to the hotel.


The company does not take any responsibility for passport control.

  • Clothes – in holy places proper clothes are required, covering head, arms and legs;
  • Money – exchanging the currency is not required, all currencies and cards are accepted;
  • In Jerusalem there is no free time.

  During a trip you have to have:

Money to pay for additional services;

  • Comfortable clothes and shoes, headgears, sunglasses and cream;
  • Swimming suit / trunk, towel;
  • Video camera / camera;
  • Passport.

  • Transfer from / to the hotel;
  • Flight ticket from Antalya to Tel Aviv;
  • Flight ticket from Tel Aviv to Antalya;
  • Air-conditioned bus;
  • Tickets to visited places;
  • Lunch ( beverages excluded);
  • Dinner ( beverages excluded);
  • Visit and swimming in Dead Sea;
  • Sightseeing in Jerusalem;
  • Insurance;
  • English – speaking guide.
  • Beverages;
  • Costs of visa.








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